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Get exact indices of max value in 3D matrix. Learn more about indices, 3d, maximum, max. Get the max value and the indices of max value. Learn more about max, index, cell, matrix, matrices. How to get the index of maximum value in each. Learn more about matrix manipulation.

Get the max value and indices of a fourth order. Learn more about tensor MATLAB. i have an output value matrix depending on 3 inputs ranging from p10 to p11, p20 to p21, p30 to p31. the output matrix is multidimensional depending on number of inputs. i want to write a function that gives the max value and its coordinates so to speak of the max value. matlabs max. Return the indices of max value in a possible 4D. Learn more about array, indexing, max values Learn more about array, indexing, max values Toggle Main Navigation.

How can I find the index of the maximum value in a matrix column in MATLAB? [duplicate] Ask Question Asked 9 years, 2 months ago. Active 6 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 58k times 13. 1. This question already has answers here: Index of max and min value in an array 3 answers Closed 4 years ago. I'm trying to find the maximum value of a certain column in a matrix. I want to find both the. To find min or max in a subset of a vector - If A is a vector and "lowerBound" and "upperBound" are the bounds of the vector among which you need to find the max or min value, then use this command - [Value,Index]=minAlowerBound:upperBound; This returns "Value" as the min or max value among AlowerBound and AuppedBound and "Index" as with "lowerBound" as the offset. So to find the. $\begingroup$ My question is about another way of using max to get the indices as stated in matlab documentation use "doc max" to get the documentation. Many other commands similar to max give both the values and the indices correctly. Even max is giving the indices.

EDIT — The max function — with two outputs — will also work. It will only detect the first maximum, so if you use it, you will need to subtract the mean of your signal before using the fft function. This removes the possibility of the maximum being the value of the d-c or constant offset. Learn to create MATLAB vectors of numbers and strings, find the index of a value, delete an element, get the size, calculate the sum, and the magnitude. [C,I] = max. finds the indices of the maximum values of A, and returns them in output vector I. If there are several identical maximum values, the index of the first one found is returned. If there are several identical maximum values, the index of the first one found is returned. 01.03.2013 · This is a matlab tutorial on max function. Max function is used to obtain the largest element in an array or matrix. How do I gain indices of max values in 2D matrix?. Learn more about indices, max, matrix, sort MATLAB.

Hello, i created a function that gives the efficiency of a machine given 4 imputs. Each imput belongs to a vector so in the end i get a 4th order tensor. I'd like to write a function that finds the maximum value in the tensor and also returns it position i.e indices. Any help would be appreciated. Since you have the data [code ]x[/code] and [code ]y[/code], just simply call [code ][m,i] = maxy[/code] and you will get the maximum [code ]m[/code] and the respective index [code ]i[/code]. The coordinate of the maximal point is then at [code. How to find the index of maximum value in matrix. Learn more about matrix, abs, max MATLAB. how to find column index of max value for each. Learn more about index.

10.07.2015 · Learning how to use the min and max function, and ultimately finding the smallest and the largest value in a matrix! If there are several identical maximum values, the index of the first one found is returned. Remarks For complex input A, max returns the complex number with the largest complex modulus magnitude, computed with maxabsA, and ignores the phase angle, angleA. how to find min or max value in each row of a matrix and its index, if a matrix is 3x2 it will find the min in first row. because all entries have magnitude 1, but -1 has the largest phase angle with value pi. If called with one input and two output arguments, max also returns the first index of the maximum values. finding the top ten values of arrary. Learn more about data.

Si A es un vector, maxA devuelve el máximo de A. Si A es una matriz, maxA es un vector de fila que contiene el valor máximo de cada columna. Si A es un array multidimensional, maxA opera a lo largo de la primera dimensión del array cuyo tamaño no es igual a 1, tratando los elementos como vectores. I just got asked a question about a good way to find the closest value in a vector that was less than a threshold. My solution is fairly short, and demonstrates some of my favorite MATLAB techniques. I will compare also show you an "obvious" solution. Also extract the concentration values from second column. Final step is looping through the days in a month and conditionally min-/maxing. Min/max also outputs an index at which this min/max is found. We use this index to find the time hour and minute at which the min/max occurs. Getting the index of a vector element with a given value?. Hello again, Another question. Suppose I have a vector of values, and would want to know the indices of the elements of this vector have a. indices = findX returns the linear indices corresponding to the nonzero entries of the array X. If none are found, find returns an empty, 0-by-1 matrix. In general, findX regards X as X:, which is the long column vector formed by concatenating the columns of X. indices = findX, k or indices = findX, k, 'first' returns at most the.

If A is complex, then minA returns the complex number with the smallest magnitude. If magnitudes are equal, then minA returns the value with the smallest magnitude and the smallest phase angle. If A is a scalar, then minA returns A. If A is a 0-by-0 empty array, then minA is as well. Not only for maximum value in data table or array. What shall i do next? How can I get row and column index of maximum, if i have matrix of 2 columns and 17 rows. Any idea? What shall i do next? How can I get row and column index of maximum, if i have matrix of 2 columns and 17 rows.

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